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Open Source Windows Console Emulator »

Cmder is an online transcription software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows to convert audio to text. It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout. Looking sexy from the start.

Recover Windows Password and Repair Your Windows Machine »

Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a free live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines, but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues. Since version 3.4 it has an easy to use scrollable text menu that allows anyone who masters a keyboard and some English to perform maintenance […]

CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-Ray Burning Application »

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit! It has several ‘Modes’, each one for performing a different task: Read – Read a disc to an image file Build – Create an image file from files on your computer or network – […]

Windows Class Shell »

Classic Shell is a collection of features that were available in older versions of Windows but were later removed. It has a customizable Start menu and Start button for Windows 7 and Windows 8, it adds a toolbar for Windows Explorer and supports a variety of smaller features. Look here for the full list.

Open Source Desktop Customization Tool »

Rainmeter displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player – all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your […]

Open Source Windows Console Emulator »

ConEmu-Maximus5 is a Windows console emulator with tabs, which represents multiple consoles and simple GUI applications as one customizable GUI window with various features. Basic application – joint use with Far Manager (FAR in Wikipedia). Far (File and Archive) Manager is a console program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. ConEmu starts […]

Far Manager: File and Archive Manager »

Far Manager is a program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems. Far Manager works in text mode and provides a simple and intuitive interface for performing most of the necessary actions: viewing files and directories; editing, copying and renaming files; and many other actions.

File Recovery using Windows Shadow Explorer »

ShadowExplorer allows you to browse the Shadow Copies created by the Windows Vista/7 Volume Shadow Copy Service. It’s especially thought for users of the home editions, who don’t have access to the shadow copies by default, but it’s also useful for users of the other editions. Shadow Copy From time to time, Windows Vista/7 creates […]

Windows API Code Pack »

Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework provides a source code library that can be used to access some features of Windows 7 and Windows Vista from managed code. These Windows features are not available to developers today in the .NET Framework. The individual features supported in this version (v1.1) of the library are: […]

Gather System Information for Windows »

SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows tool that analyzes your computer and gathers detailed information about system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely comprehensible manner. SIW can create a report file (CSV, HTML, TXT or XML), and is able to run in batch mode (for PC Software and Hardware Inventory, […]

WinCheat–Open Source Windows Spying Tool »

WinCheat features Pick visible windows with the mouse and see information about them (like MsSpy++ does, but identifying better the window under the cursor). Explore the windows hierarchy of the current desktop. Allow to see and modify windows styles Send/post messages to windows, enable/disable/show/hide them Capture the text from windows (and yes, this works for […]

Proxy Switcher »

Proxy Switcher allows you to automatically execute actions, based on your detected network connection. As the name indicates, Proxy Switcher comes with some default actions, for example setting proxy settings for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Features Automatic change of proxy configurations (or any other action) based on network information: Gateway Address IP Address DNS […]

C# Barcode Library for Reading and Writing Barcode »

MessagingToolkit Barcode library is a C# barcode library that can be used in standalone Windows applications, ASP.NET web applications, and Windows Phone 7 applications. The library current supports encoding and decoding of the following barcode types Encoding QR Code Data Matrix PDF 417 Bookland/ISBN Codabar Code 11 Code 128 Code 128-A Code 128-B Code 128-C […]

Open Source Performance Analysis Tool »

The PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) tool is a powerful tool that reads in a performance monitor counter log and analyzes it using known thresholds. Features Thresholds files for most of the major Microsoft products such as IIS, MOSS, SQL Server, BizTalk, Exchange, and Active Directory. An easy to use GUI interface which makes creating […]

Microsoft Point of Service »

Microsoft Point of Service for .NET v1.12 (POS for .NET) is a class library that enables POS developers to apply Microsoft .NET technologies in their products. It provides a simple and consistent interface for .NET Framework applications to interact with POS devices, in compliance with the UnifiedPOS standard (aka UPOS). In addition, it provides windows […]

Windows: Creating a Virtual Disk »

ImDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008. It can create virtual hard disk, floppy or CD/DVD drives using image files or system memory. The install package installs a console-mode control program called imdisk.exe and a Control Panel applet. After install is finished, type imdisk without parameters for syntax help or double click the […]

Sample Code for Microsoft Robotics »

The MRDS Samples site hosts a variety of code samples for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS). The purpose of this site is to provide sample code to assist in learning RDS. Placing code here under a Microsoft Public License allows the RDS community to contribute and also provides a way to release code samples without […]

Microsoft Robotics »

The Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3 (Microsoft RDS) is a Windows®-based environment for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware. Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) makes it easier to handle asynchronous input and output, eliminating the conventional complexities of manual threading, locks, and semaphores. Lightweight […]

Optimize PNG Image Files »

PNGOUT is a tool which can optimize PNG files created by other programs. It can be run from the Windows Run dialog box or at the command prompt. PNGOUT can produce even smaller files than pngcrush -brute oroptipng –o7.

Free Software to Reduce Image Size »

FILEminimizer Pictures is free software to reduce the size of your images, photos and pictures by up to 98% through our native file optimization technology. After compression, your photos and images are still in your image format and are still beautiful – but a lot smaller in size! Share your photos and images easily online […]