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Develop a network packet sending/capturing tool in Java using Jpcap »

Most of us should be familiar with libpcap, tcpdump, winpcap, or wireshark. They are either libraries or tools that can be used to send or capture network packets. However, I had a requirement some time back to develop simple Java program to sniff on how long does SEO take and pass through a server. At […]

How I develop a database driven web application in 2 days »

Throughout the years as a developer, I had programmed for quite a number of business applications. All the business web applications, be it in Java, .NET, or PHP.. need to access or database, whether it is Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server… Then as when I was doing coding for one of the projects, which had […]

Add Multithreading Function to Java Application using ExecutorService »

Download Source Code In my previous post, I showed you how to do a graceful shutdown of Java application. Now I am going to add multithreading functionalities to the simple example that I developed.

Do a graceful shutdown of your Java Application when Ctr-C, Kill… »

Download Source Code When I am developing Java application for backend processes to do ETL, I often need to ensure that resources are properly cleaned up when the application is shutdown. However, user behavior is quite unpredictable. In either Windows or Unix, process can be terminated by force by the user, by sending the kill […]

Open Source.NET Batch Framework ? Do we have one ? »

I was looking at Spring Batch Framework, and was trying to find a .NET compatible. For those of you who do know heard of it, “Spring Batch provides a technical framework and programming model to support long-running processes that perform a given set of tasks repetitively. A typical batch program generally reads a large number […]

Open Source Web Service Testing Tools »

Web Service is now widely used for various kind of applications. There are a lot of web service framework, e.g. Axis2, CXF (formerly know as XFire) out there but the tools to test web service are not a lot. Here I showed you 2 web service tools that I normally used for my web service […]

How to Write a Print Driver for Mobile Thermal Printer »

Download Source Code Recently I implemented a project which uses mobile thermal printer. What I perceived is that nowadays a lot of mobile applications are implemented using Windows Mobile to help run business operations like route sales, and even for gambling purposes. If you want nothing but the safest gaming conditions across the online casino […]

Sending SMS through WaveComm GSM/GPRS Modem »

Download Source Code I would like to point out that even though ideally all handsets or GSM modem support AT commands, but implementation may differ across all manufacturers. As such, it is not possible for the library to be used for every mobile phones. As far as I know, Nokia NSeries, e.g. N70, N71, N80, […]

Open Source Business Solutions – ECM, CRM, CMS… »

Open source is a great idea. I have been implementing a of of open source solutions, in PHP, .NET and Java. No Ruby project yet. For SMEs (small and medium enterprises), they definitely could not offer the price of SAP, or SIEBEL. However, they do not mind paying for a small sum of money to […]

Send vCard, vCalendar and WAP Push Message »

Download Source Code In the previous blogs, I showed you how to retrieve phone settings, send and receive SMS, dial a phone number, and answer or hang up a phone call using the .NET SMS library. Now I am going to show you how to send vCard, vCalendar and WAP push message. Take note that […]

How to Receive SMS using .NET SMS Library »

Download Source Code To detect new SMS received, it is a bit tricky as different mobile phones from different manufacturers may need different configurations. In order to detect incoming SMS, you must use the “AT+CNMI” command to set the new message indication to the terminal equipment (TE).

Use the .NET SMS Library to Retrieve Phone Settings »

Download Source Code I will describe a way of communicating with your mobile phone using AT commands. Normally, a GSM compatible mobile phone will have a built-in modem, which we can communicate using AT commands. The AT command set should be common among all the handphone manufacturers including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemen, and Motorola, although […]

Open Source .NET Application Generator »

Code generation is a quick way to generate your application, and is suitable for rapid application development. There are many tools out there which help in this context. One of the famous one is CodeSmith. However, it is not free. In this article, I showed you several open source .NET application generators that I used, […]

Java – Using SIMPLE to Store Business Rule »

Download Source code In my previous blog, Using XStream to Store Business Rule, I showed you how to use XStream to store business rule. Here I rewrote the code using SIMPLE. SIMPLE is a high performance XML serialization and configuration framework for Java.

Open Source Software to start up Java as Windows Service/Unix Daemon »

Nowadays Java is used more and more for server application development, and also backend processes for ETL purposes. For this, there is a need to run the Java program as Windows Service in Windows platform, or as a Unix daemon process. The tools described can be used both for Windows and Unix/Linux platforms.

BlogSphere Name Changed ! »

We are a very small firm doing software project delivery. The purpose of the blog is just to share some of the code that we have developed within developers in the company, and also the developers over the Internet. The open source solutions here are developed either as part of the overall solutions that we […]

Open Source Java Web Application Generator »

Nowadays there are a lot of web frameworks for Java web development, and for developers like us it means more to read in order choose the right framework, and then integrate all these pieces together. E.g. for web application framework there are Spring, Struts, Tapestry, JSF, etc. For O/R database mapping there are Hibernate, OJB, […]

XML Configuration for Java Program »

Download Source Code Nowadays Java is widely used to code backend program, e.g. running batch job, doing extraction, transaction, and loading, etc. For all the program, the configuration can be in properties file, or XML file. Apache Commons Configuration is used for this purpose. I have written a singleton class which uses Commons Configuration for […]

Using XStream to Store Business Rule »

Download Source Code There are times there are some business rule that are complicated to be stored in database. I have tried to use JBoss Rule for storing business rule, but later found that it is an overkill. After some googling, I found several Java serialization frameworks like SIMPLE, XStream, XMLBeans, JAXB, etc. Below I […]

Dial, Answer, Reject Call using .NET SMS Library »

Download Source Code To listen to an incoming call, CLIP must be turned on in your phone. The AT command to turn on CLIP is “AT+CLIP” and the value should be set to 1.