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Open Source Diagnostics for .NET Applications »

Glimpse allows you to debug your Web Service right in the browser. Glimpse allows you to "Glimpse" into what’s going on in your web server. In other words what Firebug is to debugging your client side code, Glimpse is to debugging your server within the client. Fundamentally Glimpse is made up of 3 different parts, […]

RoboGuice – Google Guice on Android »

RoboGuice 2 smoothes out some of the wrinkles in your Android development experience and makes things simple and fun. Do you always forget to check for null when you getIntent().getExtras()? RoboGuice 2 will help you. Think casting findViewById() to a TextView shouldn’t be necessary? RoboGuice 2 is on it. RoboGuice 2 takes the guesswork out […]