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Oracle: Verify PGA and SGA »

For current PGA size of each session, use: SELECT s.sid,, s.value FROM v$sesstat s, v$statname nWHERE s.statistic# = n.statistic#AND = ‘session pga memory’; For maximum PGA size each session has reached so far, use: SELECT s.sid,, s.value FROM v$sesstat s, v$statname nWHERE s.statistic# = n.statistic#AND = ‘session pga memory max’;

Oracle: Detect Server Uptime »

1: SELECT to_char(startup_time,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) “DB Startup Time” 2: FROM sys.v_$instance; 1: select 2: ‘Hostname : ‘ || host_name 3: ,’Instance Name : ‘ || instance_name 4: ,’Started At : ‘ || to_char(startup_time,’DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS’) stime 5: ,’Uptime : ‘ || floor(sysdate – startup_time) || ‘ days(s) ‘ || 6: trunc( 24*((sysdate-startup_time) – 7: trunc(sysdate-startup_time))) || ‘ […]

Binary Core File Analysis »

Note from BEA website, which is no longer available Gathering Core information from: SOLARIS Do file <full path>/core to verify if the core file is from the Java VM. Get a stack trace using dbx or gdb as follows. With gdb you may get more useful information. Sun Support recommends the use of dbx(1) for […]

Create PhotoBook »

Transform your digital camera photos into professionally-made photo books

HP-UX Socket Connection Limit »

System wide limited by “tcp_conn_request_max” # ndd -get tcp_conn_request_max…to show the value# ndd -h tcp_conn_request_max…to show the ranges allowed# ndd -set tcp_conn_request_max >value>…to set the value Limit by maxfiles per process. ulimit -n is a soft limit set by the kernel parameter maxfiles. You may change this with the standard HP-UX POSIX shell with ulimit: […]

Programming Tips from Pragmatic Programmer »

This is a summary from the Pragmatic Programmer book. Care About Your CraftWhy spend your life developing software unless you care about doing it well? Think! About Your WorkTurn off the autopilot and take control. Constantly critique and appraise your work. Provide Options, Don’t Make Lame ExcusesInstead of excuses, provide options. Don’t say it can’t […]

Open Source IT Monitoring »

GroundWork Monitor is an open source IT monitoring solution for companies with heterogeneous operating systems, application and hardware environments who want to reduce ongoing monitoring costs, consolidate views and reports and improve staff productivity.

SQL Visualization Tool »

QueryScope is a visualization tool that transforms multi-page SQL statements into colorful bubble diagrams that show the most important characteristics of the queries so that they can be understood and tuned.

Open Source Workflow Engine from Apache »

2 open source workflow engines from Apache which are either in incubation or sandbox Apache Workflow – XML scripted workflow engine Apache Agila – lightweight BPM engine and auxiliary services.

Google AJAX Search API »

The Google AJAX Search API lets you put Google Search in your web pages with JavaScript. You can embed a simple, dynamic search box and display search results in your own web pages or use the results in innovative, programmatic ways. Using it, you can Integrate Web Search, News Search, and Blog Search into your […]

ASP.NET Project at CodePlex »

The project hosted at gives you access to the code for upcoming releases that the Microsoft ASP.NET team is working on. The project gives you a look at the design and lets you have a voice in it.

Google Talk Gadget »

The Google Talk Gadget is a browser-based instant messaging client for the Google Talk network. It’s compatible with all platforms, and is supported by the following browsers: IE 5.5+ (Windows) Firefox 0.8+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Safari 1.2.4+ (Mac) Netscape 7.1+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Mozilla 1.4+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Opera 8+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) The gadget […]

DjVu versus Pdf »

As quoted from Wikipedia, DjVu is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned images, especially those containing text and line drawings. It uses technologies such as image layer separation of text and background/images, progressive loading, arithmetic coding, and lossy compression for bitonal (monochrome) images. This allows for high quality, readable images to be […]

Sharing Search Results with OpenSearch »

OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results. The OpenSearch description document format can be used to describe a search engine so that it can be used by search client applications. The OpenSearch response elements can be used to extend existing syndication formats, such as RSS and Atom, with the […]

Ajax based Web Database Explorer »

TurboDbAdmin is a single-page solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser. Edit data just like you would in a desktop application, without submit buttons or page refreshes.

Free PDF Tools »

doPDF is a free PDF converter for both personal and commercial use. Using doPDF you can create PDF files by selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application. With one click you can convert your Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or your emails and favorite web sites to PDF files. CutePDF Writer (formerly CutePDF […]

CVS: Remove a Tag or Branch »

You may not want to do this but this is the command cvs rtag -d -B <tag/branch name> <module name>         -a      Clear tag from removed files that would not otherwise be tagged.        -b      Make the tag a “branch” tag, allowing concurrent development.        -B      Allows -F and -d to disturb branch tags.  Use with extreme […]

Oracle SQLPlus Note »

@ and @@ The @ (at symbol) is equivalent to the START command and is used to run SQL*Plus command scripts. A single @ symbol runs a script in the current directory (or one specified with a full or relative path, or one that is found in you SQLPATH or ORACLE_PATH). @@ will start a […]

Make Use of Eclipse Code Template »

By defining your own Eclipse code template, you can greatly simplify your daily programming work E.g. go to Windows->Preferences->Java->Editor->Templates, and add a template called “log” with the following pattern private static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog( ${enclosing_type}.class ); Then in our editor, just type “log” and then press “Ctrl-Space”, then statement will be generated automatically. […]

Eclipse Ganymede Packages »

You can download Eclipse Ganymede packages at Eclipse Ganymede is the annual release of Eclipse projects; Year 2008 including 23 projects. Some highlights of the release include the new p2 provisioning platform, new Equinox security features, new Ecore modeling tools, support for SOA and much more.