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Open Source Android WebSocket Library



AndroidAsync is a low level network protocol library. If you are looking for an easy to use, higher level, Android aware, http request library, check out Ion (it is built on top of AndroidAsync). The typical Android app developer would probably be more interested in Ion.

But if you’re looking for a raw Socket, HTTP client/server, WebSocket, and Socket.IO library for Android, AndroidAsync is it.

  • Based on NIO. One thread, driven by callbacks. Highly efficient.
  • All operations return a Future that can be cancelled
  • Socket client + socket server
  • HTTP client + server
  • WebSocket client + server
  • Socket.IO client



AutobahnAndroid implements The WebSocket Protocol and The WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP):

  • library for WebSocket and WAMP clients
  • implements WebSocket RFC6455, Draft Hybi-10+ and WAMP v1
  • works on Android 2.2+
  • very good standards conformance
  • high-performance asynchronous design
  • easy to use API
  • seamless integration in Android UI apps
  • no (really none) network activity on UI thread
  • Open-source (Apache 2 license)

You can use AutobahnAndroid to create native Android apps talking to WebSocket servers or any WAMP compatible server.

Using WAMP you can build applications around asynchronous RPC and PubSub messaging patterns.



android-websockets is a very simple bare-minimum WebSocket client for Android.

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