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Free Ebook: Mastering JXTA »

Free ebook on JXTA Download link

Free Ebook: JXTA JXSE Programmers Guide 2.5 »

This guide is for software developers who would like to write and deploy P2P services and applications using JXTA technology and the Java Standard Edition programming language. It provides an introduction to JXTA technology, describes the JXTA network architecture and key concepts, and includes examples and discussion of essential programming constructs using JXTA JXSE. Download […]

Free Ebook: JXTA »

This book presents a guided tour of the JXTA platform, including all of the critical information required to begin producing P2P solutions built on top of JXTA. Reference information on each of the JXTA protocols provides an understanding of the underlying principles of P2P networking, and examples built on the JXTA reference implementation provide the […]