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Java: Open Source J2ME GUI Libraries and Components »

I wrote about J2ME Polish some times ago. It is very useful and really help speed up the development for J2ME applications for various kinds of handsets. Recently, I am also looking at the following toolkits for J2ME application development. Fire (Flexible Interface Rendering Engine) is a lightweight themable GUI engine for j2me MIDP2 applications. […]

NextTel Open Source J2ME Toolkits »

This is another useful J2ME library that I used before. However, it is not being updated for quite awhile. What I did is that I integrate the source code into my existing project and modify from there. Nextel’s Open Source J2ME Toolkits contain libraries for user interface and RMS development on J2ME handsets. The windowing […]

J2ME Polish – A J2ME Development Framework »

Sometimes ago I needs to develop a J2ME application. I found J2ME Polish. J2ME Polish is a collection of tools for developing J2ME applications. It consists of Build tools that takes care for the common tasks of preprocessing, compilation, obfuscation, preverification, packaging and JAD-creation. Device database with over 150 J2ME devices. This database delivers the […]

Extending J2ME GUI with a Custom Ticker Component »

Download Source Code This is a J2ME custom component that I wrote quite some time back. The default J2ME ticker component only can display scrolling text on the top of the form. This custom component allows you to add ticker to the body of the form. Simple component but useful to display RSS summary.