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J2ME Polish – A J2ME Development Framework

Sometimes ago I needs to develop a J2ME application. I found J2ME Polish. J2ME Polish is a collection of tools for developing J2ME applications. It consists of

  • Build tools that takes care for the common tasks of preprocessing, compilation, obfuscation, preverification, packaging and JAD-creation.
  • Device database with over 150 J2ME devices. This database delivers the data for the powerful preprocessing capabilities of J2ME Polish. The database can be easily extended and is updated regularily.
  • A powerful GUI which works on MIDP/1.0 as well as on MIDP/2.0 devices and which can be designed using simple CSS-textfiles, a technique which every webdesigner masters.
  • Localization framework you can easily create localized applications.
  • Game Engine
  • Logging Framework
  • Some often needed utilities which are not available in the J2ME standard, e.g. the BitMapFont, the ArrayList or the text utility.
  • Standalone tools for J2ME development like the binary-editor, which can be used for editing structured binary data files like level-data. Also included is the font-editor which creates bitmap fonts out of any True Type fonts.
  • persistence framework allows you to store data easily on the handset.

J2ME Polish tremendously cuts down my development time after I get used to it. I can easily create fanciful GUI, as below

It also has a RMI/RPC framework which could be used in client server environment. Personally I have not tried this.

It also supports BlackBerry, DoJa or Desktop Java, Java WebStart and Applets. I have not tried this also and is not sure how good it is on those platforms.

J2ME developers should have a look at this framework !!

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