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AJAX Push Engine

APE is a full-featured OpenSource solution designed for Ajax Push. It includes a comet server and a Javascript Framework. APE allows to implement any kind of real-time data streaming to a web browser, without having to install anything on the client-side.

The Ajax Push Engine Project is divided into two distinct parts communicating via a very efficient protocol. The most central part is our epoll-driven HTTP streaming server, the APE Server. Through the APE Protocol, the APE JavaScript Framework sends and receives the actions on the client side.

APE Server is an Comet server implementing the POST and GET methods of the HTTP protocol. It does not replace a regular Web Server (such as Apache, Lighttpd or Nginx), however, the APE Server is only used for AJAX Push.

The APE JavaScript Framework receives information sent by the server (RAWs), handles the data, and sends back the users commands (CMDs). With a very small footprint (~10KB), the APE Framework loads really fast on your web browser, thus it’s fully adapted for slow connections such as EDGE or 3G.

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