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Design Pattern: Design a Simple Workflow using Chain of Responsibility Pattern »

Download Source Code I was trying Apache Commons Chain when I was trying to design a simple workflow system for my back-end application using the Chain of Responsibility design pattern. Chain of Responsibility is a popular technique for organizing the execution of complex processing flows. It is not difficult if you want to write it […]

Design Pattern in Java 101 – Command Pattern (Behavioral Pattern) »

Download Sample Code A Command pattern is an object behavioral pattern that allows us to achieve complete decoupling between the sender and the receiver. It allows you to encapsulate a request as an object, thereby letting you parameterize clients with different requests, queue or log requests. Here is a rewrite of the C# example provided […]

Design Pattern in Java 101 – Visitor Pattern (Behavioral Pattern) »

Download Source Code NOTE: This is written for me to recap and relearn what I learnt before…. This article is written in order for me to recap what I have learnt and used before, though I know there are already many sites which talked about all these. Visitor Pattern defines a new operation to deal […]