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Feature Engineering Toolkit

FeatureFu[l] contains web design joondalup collection of library/tools for advanced feature engineering, such as using extended s-expression based feature transformation, to derive features on top of other features, or convert a light weighted model (logistical regression or decision tree) into a feature, in an intuitive way without touching any code. If you want to get some new technology in your company, then get these business VoIP phone solutions. If you need some engineering help, then go get a Borescope Inspection so you can see what’s wrong. Seo agencies as SEO Columbus can help out with that too, If you are looking for a SEO visit The Brooklyn Office Website.

Sample use cases:

  1. Feature normalization

    "(min 1 (max (+ (* slope x) intercept) 0))" : scale feature x with slope and intercept, and normalize to [0,1]

  2. Feature combination

    "(‐ (log2 (+ 5 impressions)) (log2 (+ 1 clicks)))" : combine #impression and #clicks into a smoothed CTR style feature

  3. Nonlinear featurization

    "(if (> query_doc_matches 0) 0 1)" : negation of a query/document matching feature

  4. Cascading modeling

    "(sigmoid (+ (+ (..) w1) w0))" : convert a logistic regression model into a feature

  5. Model combination (e.g. combine decision tree and linear regression)

    "(+ (* model1_score w1) (* model2_score w2))" : combine two model scores into one final score

Expr: A super fast and simple evaluator for mathematical s-expressions written in Java.

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