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Sending SMS from Website using GSM Modem »

There are a couple of times we are asked on how to send SMS from an ASP.NET web application using a GSM modem. Normally in this case the user will try to directly connect to the GSM modem from within the web application and perform the sending. Normally this will not work as the web […]

MessagingToolkit MMS is released »

Now you can send and receive both SMS and MMS starting release 1.1. MMS can be sent using the built-in MMS slide feature, or you can build the MMS message yourself. You can also save the MMS file to be sent out later. The software is available at

Check Modem AT Commands »

This is a diagnostics tool included in MessagingToolkit to help you verifying the AT command support of the modem or handset. First, make sure your modem is connected to your computer either through serial cable, bluetooth or infrared. Select the correct configuration (port, data bits, baud rate). Enter the PIN if it is configured in […]