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Open Source Web Security Scanner

IronWASP is an open source web security scanner.

  • It’s Free and Open source
  • GUI based and very easy to use, no security expertise required
  • Powerful and effective scanning engine
  • Supports recording Login sequence
  • Reporting in both HTML and RTF formats – Click here to view the sample report
  • Checks for over 25 different kinds of well known web vulnerabilities
  • False Positives detection support
  • False Negatives detection suppport
  • Industry leading built-in scripting engine that supports Python and Ruby
  • Extensibile via plug-ins or modules in Python, Ruby, C# or VB.NET
  • Comes bundled with a growing number of Modules built by researchers in the security community.
    • WiHawk – WiFi Router Vulnerability Scanner by Anamika Singh
    • XmlChor – Automatic XPATH Injection Exploitation Tool by Harshal Jamdade
    • IronSAP – SAP Security Scanner by Prasanna K
    • SSL Security Checker – Scanner to discover vulnerabilities in SSL installations by Manish Saindane
    • OWASP Skanda – Automatic SSRF Exploitation Tool by Jayesh Singh Chauhan
    • CSRF PoC Generator – Tool for automatically generating exploits for CSRF vulnerabilities by Jayesh Singh Chauhan
    • HAWAS – Tool for automatically detecting and decoding encoded strings and hashes in websites by Lavakumar Kuppan

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