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grpc »

grpc is high performance, open source, general-purpose RPC framework from Google. gRPC is a modern, open source remote procedure call (RPC) framework that can run anywhere. It enables client and server applications to communicate transparently, and makes it easier to build connected systems. The main usage scenarios: Low latency, highly scalable, distributed systems. Developing mobile […]

WebCommander–PowerShell Web Services »

WebCommander wraps Powershell scripts into web services and presents them as a simple one-click automation solution. This can be likened to an "App Store" for PowerShell/PowerCLI ! Wrapping a program as a web service means using a web portal to gather parameters and then passing them to the wrapped program. By doing so, details on […]

Kinect Common Bridge »

Kinect Common Bridge is a complement to the Kinect for Windows SDK that makes it easy to integrate Kinect scenarios in creative development libraries and toolkits The Microsoft Open Technologies Hub is releasing this open source project, making it simple to integrate Kinect scenarios and experiences in creative development. MS Open Tech has worked closely […]

Open Source Diagnostics for .NET Applications »

Glimpse allows you to debug your Web Service right in the browser. Glimpse allows you to "Glimpse" into what’s going on in your web server. In other words what Firebug is to debugging your client side code, Glimpse is to debugging your server within the client. Fundamentally Glimpse is made up of 3 different parts, […]

Open Source C# DirectX API »

SharpDX is an open-source project delivering the full DirectX API under the .Net platform, allowing the development of high performance game, 2D and 3D graphics rendering as well as realtime sound application. SharpDX is built with a custom tool called SharpGen able to generate automatically a .NET API directly from the DirectX SDK headers, thus […]

BDD in .NET »

SpecFlow aims at bridging the communication gap between domain experts and developers by binding business readable behavior specifications and examples to the underlying implementation. SpecFlow also supports the concepts of Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD), which are often used synonymously with Specification-By-Example. SpecFlow is open source and provided under a […]

.NET Hardware Platform–.NET Gadgeteer »

.NET Gadgeteer is a platform for creating your own electronic devices using a wide variety of hardware modules and a powerful programming environment. Even someone with little or no electronics background can build devices made up of components like sensors, lights, switches, displays, communications modules, motor controllers, and much more. Just pick your components, plug […]

.NET Code Inspection Tool »

Gendarme is a extensible rule-based tool to find problems in .NET applications and libraries. Gendarme inspects programs and libraries that contain code in ECMA CIL format (Mono and .NET) and looks for common problems with the code, problems that compiler do not typically check or have not historically checked. Gendarme uses the Cecil library to […]

C# Windows Keyboard and Mouse Simulation Library »

The Windows Input Simulator provides a simple .NET (C#) interface to simulate Keyboard or Mouse input using the Win32 SendInput method. All of the Interop is done for you and there’s a simple programming model for sending multiple keystrokes. Windows Forms provides the SendKeys method which can simulate text entry, but not actual key strokes. […]

Windows API Code Pack »

Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework provides a source code library that can be used to access some features of Windows 7 and Windows Vista from managed code. These Windows features are not available to developers today in the .NET Framework. The individual features supported in this version (v1.1) of the library are: […]

Open Source .NET Setup Bootstrapper »

dotNetInstaller is a widely used, general-purpose setup bootstrapper for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7 and 8. dotNetInstaller enables the developer to define the application prerequisites and install the correct version(s) of these components in a predictable order based on the processor architecture, user operating system type and language, allow […]

Windows Client for GIT »

TortoiseGit  is Git Version of TortoiseSVN. It is a port of TortoiseSVN for Git. Git Source Control Provider is a plug-in that integrates git with Visual Studio.   posh-git provides a Powershell environment for Git.

.NET Object Mapper »

AutoMapper is a simple little library built to solve a deceptively complex problem – getting rid of code that mapped one object to another. AutoMapper is an object-object mapper. Object-object mapping works by transforming an input object of one type into an output object of a different type. What makes AutoMapper interesting is that it […]

.NET Configuration Section Designer »

Configuration Section Designer is a Visual Studio add-in that allows you to graphically design .NET Configuration Sections and automatically generates all the required code and a schema definition (XSD) for them.

ASP.NET Open Sourced »

ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and Web Pages source code is now available at ASP.NET is a free web framework for building great web sites and applications.

smtpdev »

smtpdev is a Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2010 compatible dummy SMTP server. Sits in the system tray and does not deliver the received messages. The received messages can be quickly viewed, saved and the source/structure inspected. Useful for testing/debugging software that generates email.

C# Barcode Library for Reading and Writing Barcode »

MessagingToolkit Barcode library is a C# barcode library that can be used in standalone Windows applications, ASP.NET web applications, and Windows Phone 7 applications. The library current supports encoding and decoding of the following barcode types Encoding QR Code Data Matrix PDF 417 Bookland/ISBN Codabar Code 11 Code 128 Code 128-A Code 128-B Code 128-C […]

Open Source Performance Analysis Tool »

The PAL (Performance Analysis of Logs) tool is a powerful tool that reads in a performance monitor counter log and analyzes it using known thresholds. Features Thresholds files for most of the major Microsoft products such as IIS, MOSS, SQL Server, BizTalk, Exchange, and Active Directory. An easy to use GUI interface which makes creating […]

Sending SMS from Website using GSM Modem »

There are a couple of times we are asked on how to send SMS from an ASP.NET web application using a GSM modem. Normally in this case the user will try to directly connect to the GSM modem from within the web application and perform the sending. Normally this will not work as the web […]

.NET Runtime Debugging and Scripting Tool »

Crack.NET is a runtime debugging and scripting tool that gives you access to the internals of a WPF or Windows Forms application running on your computer. If you love Snoop and Mole for Visual Studio, you’ll love Crack.NET, too. Crack.NET allows you to “walk” the managed heap of another .NET application, and inspect all values […]