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Open Source Web Service Testing Tools

Web Service is now widely used for various kind of applications. There are a lot of web service framework, e.g. Axis2, CXF (formerly know as XFire) out there but the tools to test web service are not a lot. Here I showed you 2 web service tools that I normally used for my web service development. Both are very good tools that web service developers must have in their toolbox.

eviware soapUI

soapUI is a free and open source desktop application for inspecting, invoking, developing, simulating / mocking and functional/load/compliance testing of web services over HTTP.

The good thing is that soapUI comes with plug-ins for the following tools/IDE’s

  • Maven 1.X/2.X
  • NetBeans 5.5/6.0
  • IntelliJ IDEA 6+
  • Eclipse 3.2+
  • JBossWS/JBossIDE 2.0.0+

According to the website, it is mainly aimed at developers/testers providing and/or consuming web services (java, .net, etc). Functional and Load-Testing can be done both interactively in soapUI or within an automated build/integration process using the soapUI command-line tools. Mock Web Services can easily be created for any WSDL and hosted from within soapUI or using the command-line MockService runner. IDE-plugins are available for eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans and a specialized eclipse-plugin for JBossWS. soapUI requires java 1.5 and is licensed under the LGPL license.

PushToTest TestMaker

TestMaker is an open source test automation tool. According to the website, PushToTest TestMaker is appropriate for your testing, governance, and business service management needs:

  • Unit, integration, functional, load and regression test automation
  • Identify a scalability and performance index for capacity planning and SLA compliance
  • Monitor SOA services to automate outage handling and problem troubleshooting
  • Automate service deployment and verification, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Evaluate SOA tools (Business Intelligence, BI, Enterprise Service Bus, ESB, Web Service Application Servers, Master Data Management, MDM, Customer Data Integration, CDI, and Workflow tools) to understand your application’s performance, often before the tools vendors
  • Natively supports XML-based environments for function, scalability, and performance using native protocols, including REST, SOAP, WS-*, XML-RPC

TestMaker is appropriate for:

  • Application Testing – Avoid Downtime, Qualify Patches, Updates, Hardware Changes
  • Integration Testing – Surface Performance Issues When Services Call Services
  • Regression Testing – Surface Functionality Issues Before Customers Do
  • Tool & Library Testing – Optimize Performance at the Object Level
  • XML Optimization – Improve performance and scalability – AJAX, SOAP, REST
  • Performance Testing – Better forecast CPU, Network, Memory needs to meet SLAs

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  1. Alex | Aug 20, 2008 | Reply

    For .NET sufferers 🙂 , there is a newly started open source project for testing web services. Check it out

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