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Sample Code for Microsoft Robotics

The MRDS Samples site hosts a variety of code samples for Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio (RDS).

The purpose of this site is to provide sample code to assist in learning RDS. Placing code here under a Microsoft Public License allows the RDS community to contribute and also provides a way to release code samples without having to wait for the next product release cycle.

The following are some of the samples currently included in the package:

  • Simulation Tutorials 1 to 6
  • Simulated Sumo Competition
  • Simulated Soccer Competition
  • Simulated Teleporter (plus Teleporter Test in VPL and Dancing Cones example in C#)
  • Fischer Technik Robot Service (FT16)
  • Kondo KHR-1 Robot Service
  • VPL examples for the LEGO NXT V2.0 ShooterBot and Color Sensor
  • Robotics Tutorials in languages other than C# (removed from the RDS package in R3)

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