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TICO–Interactive Communication Boards

TICO (an acronym of the Spanish Tableros Interactivos de COmunicación) is a tool for the design and execution of interactive communication boards.

The tool is composed of two different applications: the Editor and the Interpreter.

  • With the Editor you can design boards containing cell-items, which can be related to images, sounds, environment control as well as some navigation links among the set of boards contained in a TICO project. A set of related boards is organised in what is called a "TICO project".
  • Once designed, a TICO project can be executed (interpreted) with the Interpreter. In the execution, an automatic browsing can be organised so that the cells are visited according to the pre-defined browsing order. When a mouse click is generated over the active cell, the set of associated actions is then executed. This makes it very easy to prepare different environments that can help disabled people to communicate. Of course, also a manual browsing is possible.



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