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Open Source Java Web Browser Component

JRex is a Java Browser Component with set of API’s for Embedding Mozilla GECKO within a Java Application.


  • Embedded Java Browser based on Mozilla GECKO.
  • Event capturing like InputEvents (Mouse & keyboard), History, ContextMenu, ContentUrlListener, Observer, Progress, ToolTip.
  • Compatible with AWT and Swing.
  • Build in support for window and event management.
  • Easy to use, developer need not know much of Mozilla details. The effective line of code for simple use is not more than 3 lines.
  • Easy to use and easily extendable API’s.
  • Compatible with windows and *nix (Having GTK support).
  • Compatible with Mozilla Gecko 1.4 and above. Has been tested with Mozilla Gecko 1.4 and 1.6 and 1.7.7
  • Supports Tabbed and Java Internal Pane browser windows.
  • Support for Profile & preferences.
  • Support for Persist, Find & BroswerSetup (to enable/disable plug-in, image etc.) preferences.
  • Support for accessing DOM objects of rendered page.
  • JRex also implements DOM HTML2 for manipulating loaded HTML Document.
  • In built support for Java WebStart deployment.
  • In built support for LiveConnect which helps in communication between javascript and Java.
    • Can be used for communication between XUL and JVM in which JRex is running.


The Lobo Project aims to develop an extensible browser and RIA platform written completely in Java that not only supports HTML and Javascript, but also enables rendering of arbitrary Rich Internet Application (RIA) languages. The Lobo Project consists of the following efforts.

  • HTML Renderer & Parser Effort (Cobra)
    The Cobra effort aims to produce a pure Java HTML parser and rendering engine with support for CCS2 and Javascript.
  • Java Web Browser Effort (Lobo)
    Lobo is the web browser and RIA platform. It relies on Cobra to provide the HTML rendering capabilities of the browser. The Lobo effort itself aims to produce a general-purpose and extensible browser that can render content other than HTML.
  • JavaFX Integration and Other Efforts
    Lobo ships with an extension that can render JavaFX Script and Java source code, in much the same way HTML is supported.

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