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Java Framework: Vaadin

Vaadin is a Java web application framework. It is designed for creating rich and interactive applications that run in the browser, without any plugins. A server-driven architecture together with reusable component model is used to simplify programming of applications and for better web application security. No HTML, XML or JavaScript necessary and all Java libraries and tools are at your disposal.

Vaadin is designed to build web applications, not just web-sites. This positions it for application rather than website development. The programming model is much the same as in traditional desktop programming, with events and listeners rather than requests and responses. If you have written Swing or SWT-applications, you’ll feel right at home with Vaadin. The most significant differences between Vaadin and other web application libraries are summarized in the comparison matrix.

GWT applications run in the browser, while Vaadin applications run on the server. We do actually use GWT as a "rendering engine" on the browser side, so you can combine Vaadin and GWT.

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