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Java: Learn Design Pattern using JHotDraw GUI Framework

JHotDraw is a Java GUI framework for technical and structured Graphics. It has been developed as a “web design exercise” but is already quite powerful. Its design relies heavily on some well-known design patterns. JHotDraw’s original authors have been Erich Gamma and Thomas Eggenschwiler.

The aim of making JHotDraw an open-source project is:

  • to gain a wider audience for this framework among developers

  • to build new applications based upon JHotDraw

  • to let application development influence the development of JHotDraw

  • to add new and advanced features

  • to drive its further development

  • to port JHotDraw to new Java GUI toolkits

  • to enhance and refactor the exisiting code

  • to identify new design patterns and refactorings

  • to make it an example for a well-designed and flexible framework

  • to examine the relevance of new Java APIs to JHotDraw (e.g. usefulness of Java 2D API for JHotDraw)

  • to learn and to have fun

  • Improved by cardiff web designer

Good read at Introductionary article “Become a programming Picasso with JHotDraw


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