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Using JMeter for Automated Web Application Load Test

JMeter HTTP Proxy is used for recording HTTP requests sent to server. For HTTPS requests, BadBoy can be used. Badboy is a powerful tool designed to aid in testing and development of complex dynamic applications.

To ensure all your requests are within one session, just insert a http cookie manager. It will automatically handle the session for all the request within the threadgroup treating it like one session. Without http cookie manager, each request is a new session as no session state is kept. jsessionid is only shown for the very first request, subsequent request will not see the jsessionid. to use a variable in jmeter is ${name of variable}.

This is very useful when dealing with jsp form logins, as the first request is to login to the system and subsequent request is to do load testing on the target page. This will prevent redirection back into login page.

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  1. Shady Demian | Mar 1, 2010 | Reply

    I had tried the HTTP Cookie Manager to make a Load test on a Ruby on rails application. However, I’m still getting new session ID on the server logs for each request from the Thread Group. Any suggestion?

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