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WOX: XML Serializer for Java and C#

WOX is an XML serializer for Java and C# objects. One of its main features is the generation of standard XML, which is language independent. This means that if we serialize a Java object to XML, we could take the generated XML to reconstruct the object back to C#; and vice versa.

Some of the WOX main features are listed below.

  • Easy to use. The Easy class provides serialization and de-serialization methods.
  • Simple XML. The XML generated is simple, easy to understand, and language independent.
  • Requires no class modifications. Classes do not require to have default constructors, getters or setters.
  • Field visibility. Private fields are serialized just as any other field. WOX serializes fields regardless their visibility.
  • Interoperability Java and C#. WOX can serialize a Java object to XML, and reconstruct the XML back to a C# object; and viceversa.
  • Standard XML object representation. This could potentially allow to have WOX serializers in different object-oriented programming languages.
  • WOX data types. The WOX mapping table specifies how primitive data types are mapped to WOX data types.
  • Robust to class changes. Defaults will be used for newly added fields.
  • Arrays. Handles arrays and multi-dimensional arrays of primitives and Objects.
  • Base-64. Byte arrays are base-64 encoded for efficiency.
  • Collection classes. Lists and Maps are provided as WOX data types. (ArrayList and HashMap in Java; ArrayList and Hashtable in C#).
  • Object references. Handles duplicate and circular object references with id/idref.
  • Class and Type. Objects of these classes are saved by their String name.
  • Small footprint. The woxSerializer.jar file (which contains only .class files) is only 25k.

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