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Open Source Java Batch Job Framework

JBJF is a new approach to writing Batch jobs. Batch jobs are synonymous with top-to-bottom and/or start-to-finish runtimes. Some have one large function that performs all the tasks. Others split the tasks into individual functions. Reuse is typically accomplished by copying the existing batch job to a new filename and then changing the code to fit the new batch job requirements.

JBJF uses a divide-and-conquer strategy to break your batch job into individual tasks. Each task is coded into a single Java class and implements an identical method where the task code is placed. Data, parameters and external resources are then supplied to the task classes using elements from an XML file.

A parent Java class then iterates through the task classes running the identical method within each task class, thus carrying out the batch job. Reuse is accomplished by changing the data in the XML elements and/or feeding the batch job a new XML file.

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