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Open Source Java UML Modeling Tools

Below are other UML tools that I have tried before besides those I wrote previously.


As quoted, ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It runs on any Java platform and is available in ten languages.

  • All 9 UML 1.4 Diagrams supported
  • Platform Independent: Java 1.4+
  • Click and Go! with Java Web Start
  • Standard UML 1.4 Metamodel
  • XMI Support
  • Export Diagrams as GIF, PNG, PS, EPS, PGML and SVG
  • Available in ten languages – EN, EN-GB, DE, ES, IT, RU, FR, NB, PT, ZH
  • Advanced diagram editing and Zoom
  • OCL Support
  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering /Jar/class file Import


As quoted, AndroMDA (pronounced “Andromeda”) is an extensible generator framework that adheres to the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm. Models from UML tools will be transformed into deployable components for your favorite platform (J2EE, Spring, .NET). Unlike other MDA toolkits, AndroMDA comes with a host of ready-made cartridges that target today’s development toolkits like Axis, jBPM, Struts, JSF, Spring and Hibernate. AndroMDA also contains a toolkit for building your own cartridges or customize existing ones – the meta cartridge. Using it, you can build a custom code generator using your favorite UML tool.

  • Modular design: all major building blocks of AndroMDA are pluggable and can be exchanged to meet your needs
  • Support for major UML tools like MagicDraw, Poseidon, Enterprise Architect and more
  • Comes with the complete UML 1.4 metamodel (support for UML 2.0 is currently being developed) – alternatively, you can bring your own metamodel in MOF XMI and generate code from models based on it
  • Validates the input models using OCL constraints which are related to the metamodel classes. Comes with pre-configured constraints that protect you against the most common modeling mistakes – add your own project-specific constraints, too.
  • Model-to-model transformations help to raise abstraction level. Write your own transformations, currently in Java, or in any transformation language, e.g. the QVT-like Atlas Transformation Language (ATL), in the next major AndroMDA release.
  • Can generate any kind of text output using templates (source code, database scripts, web pages, O/R mapping configuration files, etc.) –  you teach it, AndroMDA does it!
  • Templates are based on well-known template engines. Currently, Velocity and FreeMarker are supported
  • Ready-to-use cartridges for common enterprise architectures (EJB, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Axis, jBPM)

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