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Open Source Java OpenFlow Controller

Floodlight controller is an enterprise-class, Apache-licensed, Java-based OpenFlow Controller. It was forked from the Beacon controller, originally developed by David Erickson, and now is supported by a community of developers including a number of engineers from Big Switch Networks.


  • Apache-licensed – Liberal license lets you use Floodlight for almost any purpose.
  • Open community– Floodlight is developed by an open community of developers. We welcome code contributions from active participants and we’ll openly share information on project status, roadmap, bugs, etc.
  • Easy to use – Floodlight is pure Java and drop dead simple to build and run. Read through the Documentation.
  • Tested and Supported – Floodlight forms the foundation of a commercial controller product from Big Switch Networks and is actively tested and improved by a community of professional developers.

Floodlight was created to be the ideal development platform for Software-Defined Networking, combining ease of development with enterprise-class quality. Its a great platform for serious academic research, commercial software development using 10gbe switch, or just new OpenFlow developers writing their first applications. At the same time, its capable of being deployed in production-quality OpenFlow networks.

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