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ASP.NET Google Map Control

Google Map Control wraps Google Maps API as ASP.NET custom control.

It offers extremely easy and fast way of adding Google Maps API support on your ASP.NET pages.


  • ASP.NET AJAX (under UpdatePanel) enabled;
  • Loading by Geocoding or Latitude/Longitude;
  • Google Map Marker(s);
    • set by Geocoding or Latitude/Longitude;
    • simple text for the info window;
    • InfoWindowContent template for adding any html and controls to markers’ info window;
    • Dragable;
    • Custom Icons;
    • OpenInfoBehaviour – to change the default behaviour of opening info window on marker click (available: Click, DoubleClick, MouseDown, MouseOut, MouseOver, MouseUp);
  • Polylines;
  • Polygons;
  • Traffic Overlays;
  • Driving Directions (look at the sample page for the issue with localhost usage);
  • Capture map click point position;
  • GoogleBar for address search on the maps;
  • Marker Manager for maps with a lot of markers;
  • Goecoding locations caching and persistence on postback for map and markers;
  • DefaultView control property to manage the map initial view with support to all google map types since Google API 2.9 (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Physical, MoonElevation, MoonVisible, MarsElevation, MarsVisible, MarsInfrared, SkyVisible);
  • GoogleMap Events client-side/server-side handling;
  • GoogleMarker Events client-side/server-side handling;
  • Static Map as image that can be saved;
  • Circle Polygon – you can easy add circle polygons to the GoogleMap control;
  • Data Binding – you can set any supported DataSource to GoogleMap control for binding markers to data;
  • Actions – server-side methods fire client-side code invokation, for example you can call GoogleMap1.OpenInfoWindowHtml method of GoogleMap which will open an info window on client-side when map is loaded;
  • AddressNotFound features;
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • StreetView support

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