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Oracle BPEL: Partner Link Timeout

Starting version, to set time out in seconds for a partner link, it is just configuration in bpel.xml.

E.g. the configuration below sets the timeout to 5 seconds

   1: <partnerLinkBinding name="WebService"

   2:   <property name="timeout">5</property>   

   3:   <property name="optSoapShortcut">false</property>    

   4:   <!-- other PartnerLink properties --> 

   5: </partnerLinkBinding>

If  the WebService is on the SAME host as the BPEL, it is also necessary to set the property "optSoapShortcut" to FALSE.  The parameter "optSoapShortcut" is by Default = TRUE. It should be set to FALSE to force local SOAP request to go through SOAP instead of internal calls. 

The parameter Timeout is documented in :  Oracle┬« BPEL Process Manager Developer’s Guide

optSoapShortcut is documented in :

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