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Open Source Java x86 PC Emulator

JPC creates a virtual computer upon which you can install your favorite operating system in a safe, flexible and powerful way. It aims to give you complete control over your favorite PC software’s execution environment, whatever your real hardware or operating system, and JPC’s multi-layered security makes it the safest solution for running the most dangerous software in quarantine – ideal for protecting your machine from malicious or unstable software.


JPC is pure java software and is therefore able to run on almost any device and with almost any operating system.

JPC comes with the assured security of being run entirely within the Java sandbox. This means that the emulated hardware is completely isolated from the underlying hardware and cannot damage or interfere with it in any way.

With JPC, you have complete configuration control with virtual peripherals and software libraries. And if you mess up, you only mess up your virtual PC. Just delete your disk images and start again.

As an added bonus, JPC gives you a few handy side effects:

  • Return to childhood and play your favorite DOS games
  • Take your computer with you on your mobile phone
  • Run a million identical virtual PC’s on a million different devices

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