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Open Source Archiving Information System

Archon is award-winning software for archivists and manuscript curators. It automatically publishes archival descriptive information and digital archival objects in a user-friendly website. With Archon, there is no need to encode a finding aid, input a catalog record, or program a stylesheet. Archon’s powerful scripts will automatically make everything in the system searchable and browsable on your repository’s website!

End-users can:
  • Simultaneously search descriptions of archival materials, electronic records, and digital objects.
  • View, print, and search finding aids for individual collections.
  • View, download and use digital objects/electronic records.
  • Easily navigate from digital objects to archival descriptions and vice versa.
  • Browse materials by collection title, digital object title, controlled subject heading, creator authority record, or archival record group.
  • Jump easily between collections and digital objects sharing the same subject, creator, or archival record group.
Archival staff can:
  • Create standards-compliant collection descriptions and full finding aids using web forms.
  • Describe the series, subseries, files, items, etc. within each collection.
  • Organize collections* into record groups and subgroups based on provenance or function.
  • Develop creator authorities and controlled subject lists, and link them to collections and digital objects.
  • Track locations for containers or groups of containers.
  • Upload digital objects/electronic records or link archival descripitions to external URLs.
  • edit descriptive information directly from an enhanced public interface by clicking the edit icon: Archon pencil image.
  • Use an integrated help system by clicking the help buttons: Archon help image.
  • Export MARC and EAD records (for importation to other systems).
  • List unprocessed materials in an ‘accessions manager’.
Archon administrators can:
  • Define “Repository Level” information such as address, contact information, and overall arrangement scheme.
  • Define record groups or other classifications.
  • Customize the public interface by tailoring some easy-to-modify HTML/PHP themes.
  • Create new output templates to show the data in any way you choose (2 such templates are included with the current Archon Distribution packet).
  • Add edit, or delete user accounts, allowing or denying people access to the staff interface.
  • Batch import data from MARC, EAD (XML) or CSV format.

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