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Apache JSF Framework

Apache MyFaces Trinidad is a JSF framework including a large, enterprise quality component library, supporting critical features such as accessibility (e.g. Section 508), right-to-left languages, etc. It also includes a set of framework features, including :

  • Partial-page rendering support for the entire component set
  • Integrated client-side validation
  • A dialog framework
  • pageFlowScope, for communicating between pages

It has

  1. Rich DHTML client-side renderers
  2. Provide more efficient implementations of client-side state saving (reduced per-component size)
  3. Rich set of components, validators, and converters
  4. MyFaces Trinidad tags often offer more features than the standard tags; for example, all input components offer built-in label and message display support.
  5. Client-side converters/validators – JavaScript enabled converters and validators that attempt to catch and display errors on the client
  6. MyFaces Trinidad tags can be used inside of the <tr:forEach> tag (it is, unfortunately, not possible to support standard tags inside <tr:forEach>). (This limitation does not apply in JSF 1.2.)
  7. Accessibility – support for Section 508
  8. Bidirectional language support – Apache Trinidad components automatically render themselves appropriately for bidirectional languages. Users can also use the “start” and “end” constants instead of “left” and “right”
  9. Partial Page Rendering (PPR) – Javascript-free support for rerendering any of the Trinidad components
  10. Skinning – support for adjusting the look-and-feel of components with an extended CSS format

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