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Open Source C# Image Processing

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools available in AForge.NET framework to analyze images.

  • Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, rotate, channel extraction, channel replacing, channel filtering, color filtering, Euclidean color filtering);
  • HSL filters (linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue modifier, HSL filtering);
  • YCbCr filters (linear correction, YCbCr filtering, channel extraction/replacement);
  • Binarization filters (threshold, threshold with carry, ordered dithering, Bayer dithering, Floyd-Steinberg, Burkes, Jarvis-Judice-Ninke, Sierra, Stevenson-Arce, Stucki dithering methods);
  • Automatic binarization (simple image statistics);
  • Mathematical morphology filters (erosion, dilatation, opening, closing, hit-and-miss, thinning, thickening);
  • Convolution filters (mean, blur, sharpen, edges, Gaussian);
  • 2 Source filters (merge, intersect, add, subtract, difference, move towards, morph);
  • Edge detectors (homogeneity, difference, sobel, canny);
  • Blob counter, Connected components labeling;
  • Pixellate, Simple skeletonization, Jitter, Shrink, Oil painting;
  • Levels linear filter, gamma correction;
  • Median filter, Adaptive smoothing, Conservative smoothing;
  • Resize and Rotate;
  • Texture generators based on Perlin noise;
  • Texture filters (texturer, textured filtering, textured merging);
  • Fourier transformation (low-pass and hi-pass filters).

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