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The Bamboo Distributed Hash Table »

A distributed hash table, or DHT, is a building block for peer-to-peer applications. At the most basic level, it allows a group of distributed hosts to collectively manage a mapping from keys to data values, without any fixed hierarchy, and with very little human assistance. This building block can then be used to ease the [...]

ASP.NET Project at CodePlex »

The project hosted at gives you access to the code for upcoming releases that the Microsoft ASP.NET team is working on. The project gives you a look at the design and lets you have a voice in it.

UML Modeler for KDE »

Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling Language diagram program for KDE. UML allows you to create diagrams of software and other systems in a standard format.

Java: Beware of Immutable Objects »

Have a look at the following code 1: BigInteger value1 = new BigInteger(“1000″); 2: BigInteger value2 = BigInteger.ZERO; 3:  4: value2.add(value1); 5: System.out.println(value2.toString()); The result is “0″ since for as BigInteger instance is immutable. To get the correct result, you should do the following 1: BigInteger value1 = new BigInteger(“1000″); 2: BigInteger value2 = BigInteger.ZERO; [...]

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs »

Publisher:  The MIT Press This book is a must read for entry level computer scientist or programmer. Download Link:

Java Parallel Processing Framework »

JPPF is an open source Grid Computing platform written in Java that makes it easy to run applications in parallel, and speed up their execution by orders of magnitude. Write once, deploy once, execute everywhere!   As quoted from the website, it features A JPPF grid can be up and running in minutes Simple programming [...]

Develop Peer to Peer Application with libjingle »

libjingle is a collection of open-source C++ code and sample applications that enables you to build a peer-to-peer application. The code handles creating a network connection (through NAT and firewall devices, relay servers, and proxies), negotiating session details (codecs, formats, etc.), and exchanging data. It also provides helper tasks such as parsing XML, and handling [...]

Google Talk Gadget »

The Google Talk Gadget is a browser-based instant messaging client for the Google Talk network. It’s compatible with all platforms, and is supported by the following browsers: IE 5.5+ (Windows) Firefox 0.8+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Safari 1.2.4+ (Mac) Netscape 7.1+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Mozilla 1.4+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) Opera 8+ (Windows, Mac, Linux) The gadget [...]

Service Oriented Architectures (SoA) for convergent Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) »

Here are 2 papers describing how to applying SOA in SDP for telecom operators. The papers Review the important enabling role that Web Services technologies play in an SOA implementation; State of the Art in the Service Layer architecture (IMS 3GPP, ETSI/TISPAN, OMA OSE); See how a Service Oriented Architecture (SoA) can change the way [...]

Ajax Patterns »

For developers sometimes we program AJAX based web applications without having a clearer picture of the methodologies or patterns that we have applied. There is a list good reference patterns available at if you want to have a thorough understanding of AJAX. As quoted from the website, these pattern(s) are the building blocks of [...]

Websites for Free E-books »

Here are some websites for free e-books 4eBooks AskSam Ebooks Baen Free Library BluePortal BookYards ebook3000 eBookLobby Free Ebooks Download Free-eBooks FreeBookSpot FreeComputerBooks FreeTechBooks GetFreeEBooks Globusz KnowFree ManyBooks MemoWare OnlineComputerBooks OnlineFreeEBooks Scribd SnipFiles The Online Books Page

Maven: The Definitive Guide »

Publisher: O’Reilly Maven is a build tool, a project management tool, an abstract container for running build tasks. It is a tool that has shown itself indispensable for projects that graduate beyond the simple and need to start finding consistent ways to manage and build large collections of interdependent modules and libraries which make use [...]

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight »

  Publisher: Microsoft Press This book is written for developers who are already working every day to bring new and better web applications to Internet users, and who are interested in adding this cutting-edge Microsoft technology to their store of knowledge-to find out how it can be applied as a tool bring users more interesting, [...]

Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET »

  Publisher: Microsoft Press AJAX stands for “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML,” and it’s a sort of blanket term coined in 2005 to indicate rich, highly interactive, and responsive Web applications that do a lot of work on the client and place out-of-band calls to the server. An out-of-band call is a server request that results [...]

Introducing Microsoft LINQ »

  Publisher: Microsoft Press This is an introductory book about Language Integrated Query (LINQ). The goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of this new and powerful technology by using clear and real examples that help you to discover the capabilities of LINQ. To start playing with LINQ, you need the new version of [...]

Java: toString and valueOf »

In Java there are many ways to convert data to different data types. Here are some common tips and observations. Always prefer Object.toString rather than String.valueOf. Internally String.valueOf is calling Object.toString.  E.g. String.valueOf(int) calls Integer.toString and String.valueOf(double) calls Double.toString Use primitive data types rather than boxed primitives Use Object.valueOf instead of new Object. E.g. use [...]

VYM: Another Alternative to FreeMind »

VYM (View Your Mind) is another open source mind mapping software, just like FreeMind, which is a tool to generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts. Such maps can help you to improve your creativity and effectivity. You can use them for time management, to organize tasks, to get an overview over complex contexts.

DjVu versus Pdf »

As quoted from Wikipedia, DjVu is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned images, especially those containing text and line drawings. It uses technologies such as image layer separation of text and background/images, progressive loading, arithmetic coding, and lossy compression for bitonal (monochrome) images. This allows for high quality, readable images to be [...]

Java: Understanding System.exit »

Have a look at the following code 1: public class Sample { 2:  3: public static void main(String[] args) { 4:  5: try { 6:  7: System.out.println(“Processing…”); 8:  9: System.exit(0); 10:  11: } finally { 12:  13: System.out.println(“Clean up”); 14:  15: } 16:  17: } 18:  19: } The finally block will never get executed [...]

Open Source Bug Tracking Software »

Here are some open source bug tracking software which can be used in your project Bugzilla Well, Bugzilla is so far the most widely used open source bug tracking system.   Mantis It is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. Mantis has been [...]