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Spring Web Flow: State Machine for Your Web Application

Spring Web Flow is the project in the Spring Portfolio that focuses on providing the infrastructure for building and running rich web application development. As a Spring project, Web Flow builds on the Spring Web MVC framework to provide:

  • A domain-specific-language for defining reusable controller modules called flows
  • An advanced controller engine for managing conversational state
  • First-class support for using Ajax to construct rich user interfaces
  • First-class support for using JavaServerFaces with Spring

The Web Flow module is a MVC extension that allows you to define Controllers using a domain-specific-language. This language is designed to model user interactions that require several requests into the server to complete, or may be invoked from different contexts.

In short, it is like a state machine for your web application. If you web application has a clear defined state transition navigation pattern for the user, then you should consider using Spring Web Flow.

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