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Library of Free Data Models

In every application, no matter Java, .NET or PHP, most probably you need to interact with databases. For every domain your application is used for, the database design is definitely different, though basic database design principles are still the same. Every domain requires different database models and unless you are the domain expert, most of the time you need to spend time to study the domain and the business requirements. has a vast collection of free data models for different domains. It can serve as a starting point for our application database design. You can then customize the database design to your specific requirements.

As quoted from the owner

My intention is to provide a wide range of ‘Kick Start’ Models that anyone can use as a starting-point, and could extend cleanly and logically, with appropriate reference to the Business Rules.
It is not my intention to provide Models that can be used off-the-shelf to meet the requirements of a large commercial organisation.
After all, that is one of the things I do for a living !!!
None of the Models is the complete and final solution in its area, but any of them can be added to easily and quickly to meet a specific requirement. The logic in each Model is correct and contains the minimum Entities for the area being modeled. It is easy to create a complex Model by combining these Kick-Start Models because they all follow the same design approach and standards.

Here are the top 20 models

  1. Libraries and Books
  2. Inventory Control for Retail Stores
  3. Hotel Reservations
  4. Video Rentals
  5. School Management
  6. Clients and Fees
  7. CD Collections
  8. Customers and Invoices
  9. Payroll
  10. Apartment Rentals
  11. Customers and Services
  12. ERP
  13. Car Sales
  14. Customers and Addresses
  15. Driving Schools
  16. Health and Fitness Clubs
  17. Hospital Admissions
  18. Inventory of Files in Boxes
  19. Sports Clubs
  20. Airline Reservations

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