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Java Multi Agent Development Framework


This is the Java agent framework that I was experimenting recently and found quite interesting.

JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is an open source platform for peer-to-peer agent based application. As quoted from the website, JADE simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that complies with the FIPA specifications and through a set of graphical tools that supports the debugging and deployment phases. The agent platform can be distributed across machines (which not even need to share the same OS) and the configuration can be controlled via a remote GUI. The configuration can be even changed at run-time by moving agents from one machine to another one, as and when required.


Possible usages of JADE

  • Mobile applications
  • Internet applications
  • Corporate applications
  • Machine-to-Machine applications

For details, read here.

A useful white paper is available here.

JADE is free software and is distributed by Telecom Italia, the copyright holder, in open source software under the terms of the LGPL.

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