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Open Source Java SMS Library

SMSLib is a Java library for sending and receiving SMS messages via a GSM modem or mobile phone. It also supports some bulk SMS operators, by implementing their HTTP interfaces.

SMSLib is licensed under the terms of the Apache v2 License.


  • Supports GSM phones and GSM modems connected via serial port interfaces or IP interfaces.
  • Works with PDU/TEXT protocols.
  • Supports Inbound & Outbound simple text messages.
  • Works with 7bit, 8bit and UCS2 (Unicode) message encodings.
  • Supports Inbound & Outbound big (multipart) messages.
  • Flash messaging.
  • Outbound messages with port information / addressing (16bit addressing only).
  • Outbound WAP PUSH SI messages.
  • Status (Delivery) Report messages.
  • Basic GSM information available: Modem, Manufacturer, S/W revision, Signal level, etc.

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  1. Sreedhar | Mar 15, 2009 | Reply

    I want complete java source code to send a message through GPRS.plz help me

  2. Ravikiran | Nov 10, 2009 | Reply


    I need java source code to send the message to GSM mobiles thru my application,please help me

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