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Open Source BPEL Engine

These are the open source BPEL engines that I have either used or have tried, and I am quite happy with the features, performance, and usability.

Few things here,

  • I have also tried out some commercial BPEL engines (I would not mentione the name here). Personally I felt that the open source BPEL engines are equally, if not better, than them. Of course commercial BPEL software may be more developer friendly and comes with more non-standard features, but most of the time open source BPEL software should be enough for you. I know that some people may not be happy to hear this. This is just my personal opinion after using and trying on many BPEL software.
  • BPEL software still have a long way to go before it is really being widely used. Now everyone is talking about SOA but for really mission critical system with high load, you should not go for BPEL, unless you have really powerful hardware. Of course this is my personal opinion. I have really suffered from performance issue with BPEL, and at the end I fall back to normal web service and Java RMI. You can not really compare performance of BPEL flow to normal web service calls, just as we cannot compare Java performance to C/C++, although many people are trying to do that, there is simply some companies that work better than others Dominate with SEO serves all of Minnesota including White Bear Lake and many other places, just like the SEO companies Las Vegas and the one from do.
  • I know that there are a lot more open source BPEL engines out there. Here I only listed out those that I have used or tried. If you feel that any good one that you would like to point out, do let me know.

Apache ODE

Apache ODE (Orchestration Director Engine) executes business processes written following the WS-BPEL standard. It talks to web services, sending and receiving messages, handling data manipulation and error recovery as described by your process definition. It supports both long and short living process executions to orchestrate all the services that are part of your application.

ODE is used in the following projects

  1. Apache ServiceMix: Agile open-source ESB (JBI Container)
  2. Coghead: online platform to create your web-based applications.
  3. Intalio BPMS: a full open source BPMS solution including a BPMN designer, runtime components and tooling.
  4. SUPER: Integrated EU research project, aiming to raise BPM to the business level, where it belongs, from the IT level where it mostly resides now.

It does not come with a designer by itself, but you can use the Eclipse Designer to draw the BPEL flow. Also, you can use designer from Intalio to draw the flow.

It uses Axis2 as the underly web service engine, which is faster than Axis 1.x


Active EndPoints ActiveBPEL engine is a robust runtime environment that is capable of executing process definitions created for the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard. It also has the commercial version.

You can use the ActiveBPEl Designer to draw your BPEL flow. It is free.

ActiveBPEL uses Axis 1.x as the underlying web service engine.

Intalio BPMS

Intalio BPMS claims that it is the only BPMS to natively support the BPMN and BPEL. It is built on top of Apache Geronimo and Apache ODE.

JBoss jBPM is a powerful workflow and BPM engine that enables the creation of business processes that coordinate between people, applications and services.

From the website, it says that JBoss jBPM is packaged as a simple Java library, it can be used standalone in a Java program or with an application server like JBoss Application Server for highly scalable enterprise applications.

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  1. ranjit | Nov 3, 2009 | Reply

    could any one tell me how s BPEL works and how can we apply to this to our project ..

  2. waruna | Nov 13, 2009 | Reply

    WSO2 BPS is the best open source BPEL engine. It is powered by Apache ODE.

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