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Open Source Mobile Platform

Siruna platform offers all the functional components you need to easily unleash your traditional website on a wide range of mobile devices. The content of your “mobilized” website is based on:

  • Your existing “desktop” website, written for the browser: desktop website adaptation (also called transcoding)fetches the content and style from an online webpage in real-time and transforms it to each mobile device according to the device capabilities.
  • An XML or RSS feed from a Content Management System (CMS): feed adaptation fetches an online feed in real time, adds pre-defined styling (also called a template) to the content and transforms it for each mobile device according to the device capabilities.


The platform allows you to add, delete or change content according to the user’s wishes:

  • replace original advertisement banners by mobile advertisement banners
  • adapt images for mobile use (scaling, reduce file size,…)
  • replace JavaScript functionality
  • adapt the menu structure to fit the browser window on a mobile browser
  • repurpose content to enhance the viewing experience on the screen of a mobile device

The Siruna platform offers several components to accomplish the desktop website adaptation and the feed adaptation. The three most important components available in the Siruna platform are:

  • Device detection module
    allows the platform to detect the browser and device capabilities of the end-user’s device. Existing device detection approaches are combined into one intelligent high-performance solution. The detection mechanism is based on industry standards like WURFL and UAProf (pdf) and extended with self-defined browser detection algorithms.
  • Content adaptation module
    is responsible for the real-time content adaptation of the content and layout. The underlying platform of the content fetching module is using the Apache Cocoon project as core, enhanced with our own set of generators, selectors, transformers and serializers.
  • Content fetching module
    fetches the content of the original desktop webpage or the XML/RSS feed and passes the content to the content adaptation module. The content fetching module acts as a normal browser which is fetching content and ensures that the Siruna platform is transparent for end-users.

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