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Open Source Robotics

Personal Robotics program is a collaboration between Willow Garage, Stanford University, and other academics institutions to create an open-source codebase and freely available hardware platform for mobile manipulation.

The vision is that hardware and software platform for Personal Robotics – robots that do tasks for humans in human environments – will enable breakthrough robotics applications, much as PCs and DOS enabled a new set of computing applications two decades ago.

ROS – Robot Open Source

ROS, the name of the software platform means two things: Robot Operating System, a loose analogy to a computer operating system and Robot Open Source.

ROS (Robot Operating System) is the software platform for mobile manipulation robotics. The ROSCore communications framework provides the functional software nodes with a common method of talking to each other across the onboard and off board computers (OS and language independent), making it easy to pass data, results of analyses and commands from anywhere to anywhere in the system.

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