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Optimized AMP Stack for Solaris and Linux

Sun Web Stack (previously called Cool Stack) provides developers and systems administrators with a superior LAMP and SAMP stack for building and deploying Web services and applications.

Using Sun’s optimized Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python stack with Solaris or OpenSolaris (SAMP), or Linux (LAMP), AMP-based web sites can easily be developed, tested, and deployed.

The following package are available

  • CSKamp. This package is comprised of 3 packages: CSKapache2, CSKphp5 and CSKmysql32 for a more flexible installation. The 3 components are pre-configured to work together. The MySQL included in this package is a 32-bit version with client-side support to work with PHP. For the database server, we recommend the CSKmysql package which is a 64-bit version, allowing the use of larger caches to deliver improved performance for large databases. However, on smaller systems you can use the 32-bit MySQL in this (CSKamp) package for the database server.
  • CSKruntime. This package containes core libraries used by many of the other packages and should be installed first.
  • CSKmysql. This package includes a 64bit version of MySQL and is built with innodb. See the README file in the mysql install directory for details.
  • CSKperl. This package includes Perl 5. In addition to being better optimized, CSKperl includes several perl extensions used by popular applications.
  • CSKlibsbundle This package consists of libraries required by various PHP extensions and is made up of 3 packages: CSKtds, CSKncurses, CSKlibs
  • CSKmemcached. This package includes memcached, a distributed object cache system.
  • CSKruby. This package includes ruby, rubygems and rails.
  • CSKsquid. This package includes Squid Web Proxy Cache.
  • CSKtomcat. This package includes two packages CSKtomcat5 and CSKtomcat6. Apache Tomcat is a pure Java application. It is provided for convenience as it is no different from the one on
  • CSKlighttpd. This package includes lighttpd, the increasingly popular, light-weight http server.
  • CSKpython. New! This package includes python and mod_python.
  • CSKnginx. New! This package includes nginx, another light-weight http server.

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