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Touchless SDK for .NET

Touchless is a fun, webcam multi-"touch" object tracking SDK project.

The Touchless SDK is an open source SDK for .NET applications. It enables developers to create multi-touch based applications using a webcam for input. Color based markers defined by the user are tracked and their information is published through events to clients of the SDK. In a nutshell, the Touchless SDK enables touch without touching.

Watch the Touchless video and try the newest demos including the new mouse control demo!

Check out Lucian Wischik’s exciting game Stay In The Game and VB sample project!

  • Simulate multi-"touch" input with M&Ms, tennis balls, or markers
  • Fun games, demos, community projects, and an extensible demo application
  • SDK with good documentation, add multi-"touch" to your own applications
  • Free and open-source project, games, and demos

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