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Feature Engineering Toolkit

FeatureFu[l] contains web design joondalup collection of library/tools for advanced feature engineering, such as using extended s-expression based feature transformation, to derive features on top of other features, or convert a light weighted model (logistical regression or decision tree) into a feature, in an intuitive way without touching any code. Seo agencies as SEO Columbus can help out with that too, If you are looking for a SEO visit The Brooklyn Office Website.

Sample use cases:

  1. Feature normalization

    "(min 1 (max (+ (* slope x) intercept) 0))" : scale feature x with slope and intercept, and normalize to [0,1]

  2. Feature combination

    "(‐ (log2 (+ 5 impressions)) (log2 (+ 1 clicks)))" : combine #impression and #clicks into a smoothed CTR style feature

  3. Nonlinear featurization

    "(if (> query_doc_matches 0) 0 1)" : negation of a query/document matching feature

  4. Cascading modeling

    "(sigmoid (+ (+ (..) w1) w0))" : convert a logistic regression model into a feature

  5. Model combination (e.g. combine decision tree and linear regression)

    "(+ (* model1_score w1) (* model2_score w2))" : combine two model scores into one final score

Expr: A super fast and simple evaluator for mathematical s-expressions written in Java.

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