Wiki - Developer Guide

Required Assemblies

Name Description
MessagingToolkit.Core.dll Core library used to send SMS and MMS
MessagingToolkit.Pdu.dll PDU library used to encode and decode SMS
MessagingToolkit.MMS.dll MMS library used to encode and decode MMS
MessagingToolkit.Wap.dll WAP client library used to send MMS

Optional Assemblies

Name Description
MessagingToolkit.Barcode.dll Barcode library used to encode and decode QRCode

Supported Protocols

Name Description
GSM/GPRS/3G Modems/Phones using AT commands Supported
MMS through MM1 Protocol Supported
SMS using SMPP Protocol Supported
MMS using MM7 Protocol In Progress

Free Applications Bundled (with source code)

Name Description
Core Utilities Program Sample program to demonstrate the SMS and MMS features
Bulk Gateway A bulk SMS gateway
Diagnostics Progream A utility which can be used to verify the modem capabilities of sending/receiving SMS

Sample Code

Also available in: HTML TXT