messagingtoolkit-mms is a C# and Java library that can be used to encode and decode MMS. The encoded MMS can be sent to a MMSC through MM7 protocol, GPRS/3G modem or GPRS/3G handsets through MM1 protocol.

For the C# version, a demo program is available to show how to encode and decode a MMS message. A WAP client library is also included. The WAP client library is used to send and receive MMS through MM1 protocol using a GPRS/3G modem.

MMS Encode Screen

MMS Decode Screen

For the Java version, a sample program is provided to show you how to use it together with jWAP to send out MMS through MM1 protocol

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MMS Library for C# is released
The .NET version of the MMS encoder and decoder library is released!
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Java MMS Library is released !
The Java version of the MMS library is released
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