MessagingToolkit Guide

Demo Program - Core Utilities

The demo program allows you to

  • Configure the connection settings to the modem
  • Configure the gateway configuration, e.g. send retries, SMSC, polling interval, send wait interval
  • View gateway information like network coverage, signal quality, IMSI, IMEI, model, firmware version, and manufacturer
  • View the message statistics, e.g. incoming and outgoing message and call count
  • View and set the logging level and character set
  • Manage phonebook, export phonebook to XML and delete phonebook entry
  • Manage SMS inbox - received read/unread messages, stored sent/unsent messages
  • Send 7 bits, 8 bits, UCS2 SMS, with option to truncate, simple split or concatenate messages. Message can be put in a priority queue for sending
  • Detect and display incoming SMS (trigger or polling). Option to delete message after receiving
  • A terminal is provided so that you can send AT commands directly to the gateway
  • Send Smart SMS (picture message, ringtone or custom Smart SMS)
  • Send USSD command
  • Make call, hang up call, or receive call
  • Detect incoming call. Enable or disable CLIP and CLIR
  • A PDU encoder and decoder to demonstrate the features of the built-in PDU library
  • Send WAP push message
  • Send vCard message
  • Send vCalendar message

Bulk Gateway

  • Multiple gateway support. Messages are queued and load balanced among all the gateways
  • Ability to send 7 bits, 8 bits and UCS2 message
  • Support WAP push
  • Different logging levels to ease troubleshooting