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09:48 AM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Inbox Status Report & Outbox SMS,HOW?
Hi, Please try with the attached release. The reference no should be in Sms.ReferenceNo The submitted sms reference no will always be random and it is only unique for that SMS when it is submitted to SMSC. The error related to wrong displ... admin
04:16 AM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Inbox Status Report & Outbox SMS,HOW?
Hi, Please test with the attached library. Can you check if the returned ref no in the status report matches those in either Sms.Indexes or Sms.ReferenceNo? Thanks Regards admin admin
03:07 AM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: string encoding of mms
Hi, What is the library you used for decoding? And what is the MMS version that is used? admin


07:22 PM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Change logfile place
Hi, We need to make a minor change to the library to handle this. Please use the attached library In the configuration object // Set a different log file prefix and path config.LogFile = "mylog"; config.LogLocation = @"c:\temp"; admin


11:41 PM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: Check to see if the device is connected to the network
Hi, You can check if the device is connected to network by the "NetworkRegistration" property admin
11:27 PM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: .Net 4 Compatibility
The latest version should be compatible with .NET 4 admin


06:13 AM messagingtoolkit Support: RE: 64 bit os support
Hi, The library uses the AT command "ATD<phone number>" for dialing. It looks like Qualcomm GOBI 2000 does not support this AT command. If you have the AT command documentation for Qualcomm GOBI 2000, you can attach it here so that we cou... admin


07:22 AM messagingtoolkit Release is out
In this release, the sample code is upgrade to use VS2010. A run-time debug mode feature is also available. This release also supports delayed message sending. You can set the scheduled delivery date in the message field. The priority mes... admin
07:09 AM messagingtoolkit setup.exe
Release admin
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