From 11/29/2009 to 12/28/2009


03:10 PM MMS Feature Available Soon in Release
In the upcoming release, you should be able to send MMS using the core library. There is a delay in rolling out this release as there are a lot of testing and coding has be to done since MMS is fundamentally different from SMS. admin
03:06 PM Bulk Gateway Source Code Included in Release
We have decided to include the source code of Bulk Gateway in release Bulk Gateway source code will show you how to use multiple gateway feature available in the library to send out messages in bulk. This release is not a patch relea... admin
03:02 PM setup.exe


12:38 AM setup.exe


08:22 AM New Gateway Diagnostics Tool in Release
A new demo program which can be used to diagnose the features or capabilities of the modem or handset is now available. You can use it to check if the gateway supports message sending and receiving. For further information, read "here":http:... admin


04:32 PM Patch Release is out
This patch release fixes a number of issues. For details, refer to the WIKI page at admin
04:23 PM setup.exe
Release admin
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