From 09/05/2009 to 10/04/2009


08:05 PM messagingtoolkit-qrcode New QRCode Source Code Available
The patch release of the library is available now. You can download the executables and source code and use it for personal or commercial purpose. admin


10:48 AM MessageToolkit Community Edition is released
The *Community Edition* is free for personal and commercial use. It has the following constraints * Maximum 2 gateways can be added for Bulk Gateway * Maximum 100 outgoing messages per gateway per run admin
10:44 AM setup.exe
Community Edition release admin


12:04 AM QRCode Library is released ! Source Code Available
This release fixes a few issues. Now decoding on Windows Mobile should be a lot more faster also. The source code is also available. You are free to use it for personal or commercial purpose. You can download it at admin
12:02 AM messagingtoolkit-qrcode setup-qrcode.exe
Release admin
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