From 08/13/2009 to 09/11/2009


12:04 AM QRCode Library is released ! Source Code Available
This release fixes a few issues. Now decoding on Windows Mobile should be a lot more faster also. The source code is also available. You are free to use it for personal or commercial purpose. You can download it at admin
12:02 AM messagingtoolkit-qrcode setup-qrcode.exe
Release admin


12:05 AM Register to post a message in the forum
Please register in order to post any questions that you have. admin


11:15 AM Feature #3 (Closed): Smart Gateway GUI Design
GUI preview at admin


12:25 PM Preview of SmartGateway GUI
Below is the preview of SmartGateway GUI. !/platform/images/mt/smartgateway.jpg! The *Management Console* is the administration GUI for SmartGateway. For the configured gateways, the communications will be based on .NET remoting. The buil... admin


04:35 AM Subproject created for SmartGateway
A new subproject is created at for *SmartGateway* admin
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