messagingtoolkit: SMPP Protocol in coming release

Added by admin 563 days ago

SMPP protocol will be supported in release 1.3

messagingtoolkit: Version

Added by admin 563 days ago

In this release, you can now send QRCode through MMS.

Also, the PDU library is enhanced and a few bugs are fixed.

USSD response can be received synchronously and asynchronously now.

messagingtoolkit: MessagingToolkit QRCode 1.1 is released

Added by admin 567 days ago

A new version is available now. In release, a barcode library is included which supports decoding of 1 dimensional barcode (UCP-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, Code-39, Code-128, Interleaved 2 of 5), and 2 dimensional barcode (QRCode, DataMatrix, PDF417).

The project is hosted at

messagingtoolkit: Improved Bulk SMS Gateway in Release

Added by admin 582 days ago

Release is out now. In this release you can now save all your gateway configurations in a XML file, and load them later.

Also in this release, load balancer and router features are added to the bulk SMS gateway.

messagingtoolkit: Patch Release is out

Added by admin 597 days ago

Patch release of the core library is out.

This release fixes a number of bugs. You are advised to upgrade to this version.

messagingtoolkit: Coming soon... Barcode and QRCode Messaging

Added by admin 607 days ago

With release, you can send Barcode and QRCode through MMS

messagingtoolkit: MessagingToolkit Core Release is released

Added by admin 607 days ago

You can now send and receive MMS starting with this release.

MMS can be sent as slide. If you need more control, you can use the APIs to set the transaction id, presentation id and contents.

The demo program shows how to send and receive MMS.

messagingtoolkit: MessagingToolkit MMS Release is out

Added by admin 609 days ago

In this release, a few bugs are fixed. This is the release which will be incorporated into the core library (version 1.1).

messagingtoolkit: MessagingToolkit MMS Release 1.1 is out

Added by admin 641 days ago

In this C# release of MMS library, a C# implementation of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is bundled together.

You can now use the MMS library and WAP client library to send and receive MMS through MM1 and MM7 protocols.

This library will be integrated to the core library soon. You should expect to see MMS sending and receiving features in the next release of the core library.

The subproject website is available at

messagingtoolkit: MMS Feature Available Soon in Release

Added by admin 683 days ago

In the upcoming release, you should be able to send MMS using the core library. There is a delay in rolling out this release as there are a lot of testing and coding has be to done since MMS is fundamentally different from SMS.

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